Apr/May 2003

e c l e c t i c a
f i c t i o n


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You were the only one in national dress and you looked above the rest, like something majestic. I felt flattered and desirable, that I had your attention. You stood with that Arabic grace. Head up, shoulders up, black eyes all over me.

Zett Aguado


Even if you were a complete atheist you could enjoy sitting with your fellow creatures and hearing a story about Jews triumphing over their oppressors. If you could forget for a few minutes where you were and what your fate was going to be, why not hear the story?

Barbara Cohen-Kligerman

Citrus in Absentia

It is one of those dreams where it rains for a long time. You have a colander you're trying to catch the rain in, and you can't understand why the water goes through the holes like that, why there are such things as holes, such useless things.

Suzanne Rivecca

Confessions of a Nihilist

As Nietzsche wrote, what child has not had cause to weep over its parents? I'm glad that I didn't have any children when I was married. In fact, I am the end of two family lines—a curious outcome that I often think about. In my darker moments I see my life as the culmination of a failed experiment in human genetics.

William Starr Moake

The Right Touch

He liked the farm at night; everything was peaceful and silent there. No whirr coming from the engine of the tractors, no grate coming from Old man Johnson's sturdy commands. At night all that was gone, and what was left was the sway of the wheat and the soft sound of the whistle coming from the warm breeze as it sailed through the fields.

Stuart Plesser

Coming to My Senses

It became an obsession, the discovery of new smells. I liked to go to the fruit market and the delicatessen, get drunk on blasts of grapefruit and kiwi, choose new ingredients like chicory or basil, prosciutto and chard.

Carolyn Steele Agosta