Jan/Feb 2003

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


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Special Feature Word Poems
Poems containing the words chrysanthemum, flip, dial, and heritage.
Includes a special invitation for the next issue.


Four Poems
I heard her laugh once, noticeable
For its uniqueness, an oddity on the fifth floor
They started a new IV that had been in the refrigerator
And she laughed as the cold liquid ran up her arm.
D.W. Hayward


Three Poems
Silent Mother smiled and pressed
creases like forgiveness
into Father's uniform.
Chelle Miko


Two Poems
no ideas to remember just the cold
and snow the trees and sky the
warmth of the bath popcorn in
pajamas in front of the TV and sleep
Stephen Newton


where things went wrong
I liked it better when men were hard
and women were soft and cars had fins
and the president was smarter than the
average dumbass drunk at the corner bar
Allen Itz


Saint Engelbert, gilded, recumbent
on a casket, contemplating
Avik Chanda


The Cup
Curved handle
coolwhite ceramic, takes flight
Karen Bingham Pape


Muhammad was a Punk Rocker
Muhammad was a punk rocker
he tore everything down
Muhammad was a punk rocker
and he rocked that town
Mike Knight


Blind Girl Blues
You're doing fine, the doctor says,
his face as close as a lover's.
Ginny Wray


Phase Transition
From October through March homeland borrows
its breath from the river. For days the fog
becomes the sole thing that can be seen.
Alessio Zanelli


Evening Window
you whispered
that it was better
to be alive
than in a poem

Vincent Canizaro


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