Oct/Nov 2002

e c l e c t i c a
s a l o n


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Empathy for the Machine

Success usually goes to the team that buys into the coach's way, right or wrong. It's called unity, brothers. Never mind that Coach Bush is relying on just such a mentality to get everything he and his cronies want. Included in what they want, I'm sure, is American prosperity and global good will. One would hope.

Tom Dooley


View from the Left Coast: Technology and Time Compression

Given it took man eons to adapt to his natural environment, that civilization is no more than 6000 years old, the industrial revolution but 200 years old, and the PC roughly 20 years old, one gets the feeling we are rising in an overheated hot-air balloon while the past disappears in clouds below.

CE Chaffin


What Does it Mean?

Terror no longer stalks my city squares like a devouring beast—instead it has taken refuge in the nightmares of children and widows. One year later. The blade of sorrow has become a little more dull and hacks away mostly in silence and secret. Wounds of flesh are scarring over. Wounds of flesh are bound up and healing. But the soul still bleeds.

Stanley Jenkins


The Seven—Make That Six—Deadly Sins

Well, what's wrong with confessing the sins you are likely to commit on Saturday night before you commit them? It's not that you won't be sorry you committed them. Oh, you'll be sorry, all right. Deeply, sincerely, and for a long time. So why shouldn't the Church just face facts and offer absolution in advance?

Paul J. Sampson