Oct/Nov 2002

e c l e c t i c a
f i c t i o n


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Give Me a Light, God

Our Father, who art in Heaven, you're sort of like my Dad. He shows up mostly for punishments, too.

Eljay Persky

Can't You Write a Story?

Maybe I could've written a story, even though I know the editors wouldn't have wanted to publish it without his name. The headline could've been: "Local Man Battles Mental Illness."

Steve Silkin

More Than This

She'd taken to cursing him under her breath—fuck you—sucking up the consonants so that they wouldn't sound. It was the same method she used sometimes with her mother on the phone.

Annette Ferran

The Baby of the Family

"He can't come here," Emily warned. "He can't call here either. If it's over, so be it. You can bring the girls, but he can't come here to see them. Maybe they don't ever need to see him again."

Tammy Bakos

Trees (Illinois Noir)

When she walked into my office I immediately recognized the situation. I did not resist. I stood up and walked around the desk. She raised her cigarette to her lips. Thumbnail flick. I am holding the match. There is lipstick.

Stanley Jenkins