Jul/Aug 2002 Poetry

e c l e c t i c a  
s p e c i a l   f e a t u r e


In an ongoing series, the editors, former contributors, and readers of Eclectica have been invited to write a poem containing four pre-chosen words. The words for this issue are Dos Equis, dispense, tomb, and album. Below are the resulting selected poems.

If you would like to participate in the next special poetry assignment, the four new words are rescued, minority, cashew, and bonnet. Send your poem(s) to editors@eclectica.org by September 1, 2002.

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Four Word Poems
He'll get turned around
at any clover-leaf interchange.
A new day's poem is just another town
to sleep in, another dark den
Taylor Graham


Two Word Poems
Your lips part like reluctant knees
and your confession, your plea, hurdles
out like a million filthy suns
Tara Brever


Sour Grapes
"Let's dispense with the suspense,"
he said, popping the top
on his icy Dos Equis.
Patty Mooney


Of course,
he knows nothing of the woman who made me,
how her hands shaped the clay as she sung me into being.
Jennifer Finstrom


Two Word Poems
She knows everyone has some
peculiarities, but she has them all.
Julie King


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