Apr/May 2002

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


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Special Feature Word Poems
Poems containing the words wax, deadly, click, and parachute.
Includes a special invitation for the next issue.


Three Poems
the weight of the sky
is brutal
but necessary
john sweet


Your face bloomed,
orange and guileless
in the match-light
Michael Gates


Little boats appearing
and disappearing
on a curved horizon.
Glenn W. Cooper


I Hold Your Body Up
I hold your body up to the sun,
an alluring white slide for the
microscope of the universe
Ward Kelley


Getting Over
A toast to his teeth gentle on my ribs,
to his thumb beckoning inside me
Christine Hamm


she waits, eyes stained
like plums, like a child
with a knife
Kristy Bowen


Song of Water
The song of water
is not a constant song
Vincent Canizaro, Jr.


Two Poems
The big tent breathes
a heavy, vacant sigh,
and moonlight spills
Joe Hackworth


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