Jul/Aug 2001

e c l e c t i c a
p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems

Poems containing the words parallel, whisper, espresso, and eight.

Three Poems

Fat raindrops spattered on the dust
We were taught to fear.

Daniel Brenner

Three Poems

I love you like a sainted stone
all marble in a French cathedral.
Charred flesh hurried to scorching bone
is new again and imperishable.

Teresa White

Watching the Astronauts—ISS March, 2001

Is this what the body dreams for itself—
to float like Chagallís lover, propelled
by whim or intention to any curvature
of space?

Dan Lewis

Three Poems

Storerooms unlock,
a trend that spreads
to bedrooms.

Larry Hirshberg

Two Poems

when we welcomed great aunt, we knew she was bringing
more than a chest full of aging photographs
and those woody scones we had heard so much about

yermiyahu ahron taub


In June it will be 17 years
since the day in the woods when I bled
on a boy's coat out of curiosity

Suzanne Frischkorn


For me, the sun is still out
licking grass
to a succulent green.

Wendy Howe

After the Statues

if the rulers truly have the people's
best interests at heart,
they'll pulverize those buddhas
and stuff them into grain sacks

Barbara Lefcowitz


Night is a small circus, perched placidly in a town
outside another, with its Ferris wheel lights, blinking
like lighthouses through the fog.

Erin Elizabeth

My View

lifeless children
transformed into heartless
murderers laughing
at a raped mother's death

Svetlana Matic


Without leaving his house,
Lao-tse knew the entire universe.

Chris O'Carroll

Those Levers Between

Love is that which faces you
at the juncture where your body is
in complete conflict with your heart.

Ward Kelley

Malvolio The Patissier

A son dead of an overdose, two
Divorces and a five-year imprisonment
For bankruptcy made him come off
His high horse.

Alessio Zanelli