Jul/Aug 2001

e c l e c t i c a
f i c t i o n


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Jeffrey & Me

"Jeffrey!" the mother shouts, her choleric face stuck out the window, the voice ricocheting off the brownstones across the street, momentarily blocking out the drone of trucks on the BQE.

Jürgen Fauth

Poolhall Scene

"Yeah, sure. Thirteen ball, between the cheeks and up your ass."

Eric Prochaska

Making a Killing

As Edgar crept past in the rubbernecking traffic, he watched the stream of blood pouring out of his partner's forehead and down the well-swept curb, as though part of the poor fool were still trying to get away.

Evan Reminick

W.C. Fields and the Arc de Triomphe

A dashing sheik in full regalia crept into the scene behind her and seized her milky arms. Oh my! She collapsed in his grasp like a sail that has lost its wind, and he took that opportunity to kiss her passionately on the mouth.

Christopher Harne


Roscoe was off jetting around the country. When he asked me to edit his book, I thought sure. It might mend a few fences, and we could use the money. But I should've thought more about Evie.

David Taylor

Joan Beverly

Joan Beverly wasn't the prettiest girl in second grade but I found her wildly attractive and, of course, not only because of her captivating undergarments.

J. C. Frampton

Edward the Extraordinary

He watched three hazy figures disappear across the rice fields; only their dark heads were visible, bobbing above the tall yellow crop that was almost ready to harvest, until they reached the towering bamboo that marked the edge of the buffalo track leading into Napo. Sitting back down, he picked up the handkerchief again, this time to wipe away the blood that had already begun to trickle from the wound on his head.

Hamish Keith

The Marlboro Man Died of Heartache

When he was four, my son asked if I'd ever killed a man.

Ronald F. Currie, Jr.