Apr/May 2001

e c l e c t i c a
p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems

Poems containing the words velvet, carnival, window, and pregnant.

Two Poems

There are ways to die
that are unbloody.

Julie Nondorf

After the Plow

Dust dancing on echoes,
dry coughs, wordless prayers
that crumble like clay

John E. Eddy

Street Scene

Sleeping between these white sheets,
during a visit from my dead father
I see his strangely young face
with slicked black hair.

John Hanson



Scott Thouard

Two Poems

he walks to the fridge,
searching for the milk to splash on the small
of her back, the sheets are milky wet

Allison Daniel

After the Gold Rush

With herbal skill, she charmed him:
sewed forget-me-nots into his pillow,
infused his stew with bloodroot
to encourage deeper ties

Glenda Cooper

Two Poems

my only voice, the gravedigger's song,
atavistic rhythms of
cold steel against dirt,
sending prayers up

Oren Shafir


tattooed by leghold teeth,
pelt matted with the muck of swum rivers,
she bench presses

Mitchell Metz

Two Poems

soft and blond
as sun-bleached tassels
on summer corn

Allen Itz

Modern Astronomy

Looking through a telescope
of my own invention,
I struggled to plot
your precise orbital periods

J.T. Chan