Apr/May 2001

e c l e c t i c a  
m i s c e l l a n y


The ABC's of Atheism

I had rather hobnob with a reflective theist than a dumb or obnoxious atheist.  Perhaps civility should be accorded the reverence some reserve for deity.  In any case, a well-versed theist sometimes gives me something worth mulling.

Gary Sloan


Waiting for the Twentieth Century

The Great Misfortune of the 20th century was the 19th's willfulness to persist and never end; the concentrated will power to prolong the life of the 19th century has kept it alive and, at times, strong.  This will power, the antithesis to Nietzsche's will to power, was not the driving force for life to move, grow,  and change, but an effort to live forever. 

Robert Castle


The Military Records of Dr. Samuel Mudd

One often hears comments about the slowness of American justice, but even by American standards the Samuel Mudd case seems to have been somewhat prolonged. The case started in 1865 and it's still going on.

Eric Longley


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