Jan/Feb 2001

e c l e c t i c a   m i s c e l l a n y



The Jesus Question
Orthodox believers eschew a Jesus "lite," some incorporeal emanation from on high or mythic symbol of the eternal Way. Only a god who deigned to bleed, sweat, and weep can offer the empathetic understanding and tangible satisfactions they seek.
Gary Sloan

Scooter Envy
Aidan remained undaunted because he has his own statistics: 100, 0, and 1. One hundred is the percentage of his friends, and of kids his age in general, who own scooters. Zero is the number of scooters available at Costco—a fact which only serves to underscore the validity of his first figure. And one is the number of scooters that he craves.
Jeff Lowenstein

The Bard Tries to Get It Right
Before the discovery of the Tankard Papers, the highest level of genius—Shakespeare, Homer, Dante, Milton, and the like—was thought exempt from the sublunary indecisiveness and tinkering described by Poe.
Gary Sloan

The Lost Dialogues—Pherecydes
All I know are the old myths, the children's tales. You need something new and fresh to keep your mind keen, Socrates. Otherwise you'll become an old man like me, and you'll find yourself constantly musing and dozing and nodding off in the sun.
Michael Katz


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