Oct/Nov 2000

e c l e c t i c a
s a l o n


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Wow, This Really Bites

Doesn't it confuse you as much as it does me when the Republicans claim Gore should be considered complicit in all the wrongdoings of the Clinton administration, but they then turn around and say he doesn't deserve any credit for its achievements? Doesn't an alarm go off when conservatives say Clinton/Gore don't deserve any credit for our unparalleled prosperity, but they then turn around and give Bush credit for everything remotely good that's happened in Texas?

Tom Dooley


Get High, Stay High, Go Fast

"It's not a rush, exactly," I said. "It's very calm, in fact." Then I remembered her commitment to recovery, and supplied the right buzzword. "It's serenity."

Paul J. Sampson


Out There

On these islands we have managed to complete what Gauguin in Tahiti only hungered for. We have returned to a state of innocence—or rather, what amounts to the same, created an alternative Nature of concrete and climate controlled habitats in which the morality and all the make-or-break factors of the old Nature no longer apply.

Stanley Jenkins