Oct/Nov 2000

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y



Four Poems
people call it
san antonio, they
call it
san 'tone, they say
san 'tone is so hot
this time of year.



Four Poems
"You get real tired of the same meat,
of the same stinking bed."

Radames Ortiz


Four Poems
I have dreamed of giraffes eating clouds,
Of flamingos flying across the pink,
diaphanous night air

Teresa White


Three Poems
This evening I will feed you
bowls of brown-thick chili.

Danny C. Knestaut


Two Poems
White girls say please & thank-you
like a religion. Black girls take
what they want with rough,
grabby hands.

Bonny Grabowski


Two Poems
Another mourning dove nest
was blown to the rusty needles
beneath the pines, two white eggs
separated from futures.

Glenda Cooper


Two Poems
Or was it unplanned, a sudden blood-lust booming in your veins,
some maniac craving to gut peace from the night

Kim Welliver


Two Poems
a plump snake
in the desert dust
slippery skin
caressing dry death

J.V. Foerster


Two Poems
I am a summer behind her fruit
blossomed out of season, a window
ornament in my Sunday dress.

Sharon Redding


I am already in my hermitage.
There is nothing of the old fool left.

Edward Furminger


Flirting with Felicity and Turandot
there was no one around who loved
her enough to tell her



The Flight of Birds
The flight of birds is breath.
Alex Shafer


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