Oct/Nov 2000

e c l e c t i c a   h u m o r  &  s a t i r e

Humor and Satire

An Inside Look at Outsider Art
Mycroft Klingstein, the noted art historian and chief salad dresser at Lindy's 53rd...argues that the placenta of the first bonafide Outsider should count as, to quote his monograph ART AND REBELLION: HOW TO FEED BOTH ON A BUDGET, "not only a work of art, but as perhaps the single most important work of art up to the redevelopment of Times Square under Giuliani."
Craig Butler


Christ Announces His Bid for President
"Though I have accepted Jesus into my heart, I don't agree with His economically liberal viewpoint. I want to give hard-working citizens back their money. I want to tell Washington that Americans are tired of seeing government grow."
Barrett Brown


Fighting the Invisible Nazis
I tried interviewing Dana Cloud, an associate professor of journalism and the organizer of the protest, but she was openly suspicious of me because I was writing down her answers on a scrap of paper on the concrete instead of, say, a notepad, and would barely tell me her name (but I got it. It's Dana Cloud).
Barrett Brown


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