Jul/Aug 2000

e c l e c t i c a
f i c t i o n


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Zeitgeist Five-Four

"You think I should just get the thing pulled, huh?" Phil ran his tongue over the rotten tooth, wiggling it and swallowing the taste of rot. The tooth had been dead for months, somehow still clutching like a gray raisin to his upper gum, halfway to the back of his mouth.

Reed Fauver

Ground Work

While we were in the lavatory, I told Marta I wanted to lose my virginity, so she set me up with this guy Mort the biker. Mort talked like one of those bad guys you always see on crime shows.

Tim Wenzell

The Hole Between Them

She sensed the small beginnings of motion even before the furious in-suck of breath that signaled the renewal of the sacrifice. And all the while, she caressed the smooth river stone she'd had since the boy was born. Each time the boy left, with the dust rising and mingling around her, she uttered the same soft incantation: "Be well, boy."

Gerard Varni


Frank was getting ready to kill his wife. Judy thought he was at work, but he wasn't. He hadn't been at work at all that day. He couldn't concentrate on work. He could only concentrate on one thing. Catching her. Catching her in the act.

Oren Shafir