Apr/May 2000 Poetry

Two Poems

by Laura Yeackel


Sense Memories

A sweet smell like melting
caramel when you're in love.

Hold your breath
and ride the river
to some lush green land
far from here

And the moon in the night
and the night in your blood
and the river
a kind of blood
your other blood

Through starfields

A universe of forests
a hand gliding soft
over skylit skin

The cold note of the nightbird
holding all chaos at bay
so that you can make sense of this
your eyes
and the dark

For once something comes together
fits perfectly
into a slot in your spine
and you just know


Midst of Crisis

You've come to the river
under the darkness
where your boat slows
and you hear
wings beating
veils lifting.
You feel fur
brushing your ankles.
There are
Kiss your charm
if you have one.
You've reached the land beyond fear.
You're coming to tunnel.
This is the time
to be
what you
you could


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