Apr/May 2000

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y



Three Poems
the first time we met, you
slid into my palm like a tired
fish, the skin scaly and dazed,
small and dry.

Anne Pepper


Two Poems
My young neighbor walks down his long driveway,
his figure dim in the April dusk.

Kathleen Carbone


Two Poems
Hold your breath
and ride the river
to some lush green land
far from here

Laura Yeackel


Prairie Tongue
I speak a prairie language
an expanse of rippling grass
fickle in the stroking tongue of wind

Desiree Peterson


Monday Morning (Downtown)
Watch the shadow puppets and the dancing girls
downtown on the bus w/ their lunch buckets.

Alex Stolis


the english major
Darling, compared to your obvious intellect,
Grendel seems an Einstein; your unpracticed
words and wit have won no bed with me tonight

Travis Talley


Rain bounces between
yellow veins of roads

Francis Raven


Two Poems
In the afternoon we make love,
A chair jimmied against the bedroom door,
Blocking small voices from our sweet flow

Claire Cowan-Barbetti


We used to make love mad-hatterly
on magical manic nights when
the sliver moon stabbed the sky

Jody Amaya


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