Nov/Dec 1999

e c l e c t i c a
f i c t i o n


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Florida Gothic

And nobody had anything to say. And there just ain't nothing to say after something like that. She sure was pretty though. Even after she had done what she had done. Sure was pretty.

Stanley Jenkins

Stickman's Thing

Where he was, man, you had to have a thing. You know... a thing, an identifier, a trick, a gimmick, a THING.

Christopher Watkins

The Awful Daring of a Moment's Surrender

A woman has gotten me in this state. The woman who loves and adores me sits a few feet away, cross-legged by the campfire. She is dark and beautiful and idly tosses twigs and small branches into the flames. For now I call her "Builds-the-Fire" because she won't answer when I call her by her name.

Jim Wright

Limping into the Rich, Rich Black

I felt this immense urge to affect a limp, which I did. In fact, I pounded into that limp with such an awkward fierceness that I could feel my thigh bones scraping against my shin bones.

Christopher Watkins