Apr/May 1999

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y



Red Line
'Inside the 6:53, foreheads begin to meltó
the AC is broken again, and the MBTA makes
no promises.'

Seth Abramson


A Story
'she is
stupid, so stupid, and he likes pointing
that out to her. And then he likes
leaving the chalky-smelly room to see
his brunette wife who isn't greedy
for punishment.'

Julie King


Sinatra, 5.15.98
'teenagers will swoon, ancient as Sirens,
and his circle-breath notes will rise'

Frank Van Zant


Stone Throwing Contest
'The rules rose up in mirage like
camouflage desert pilgrims: head to head, donít cross the line,
if itís close itís a draw'

Duncan Ford Young


'The otter cracks shellfish
Then whiskers off
To waterproof preen'

Robert James Berry


The Cloakroom
'Did you have any idea...'
Alexander Pepple


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