Jan/Feb 1999

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


Three Poems
'He found a copy clerk kneeling
Beside her machine like a nereid
At a stream. Hair flowed, rocks tumbled...'

Brad Bostian

Three Poems
'I fooled myself as these ducks have
every year the fast sunsets pull at
their wings and they deny it
their greens and browns no less shiny for it'

Dancing Bear

Two Poems
'I let the water cup in my hands
and feel the cold insides of the clouds'

Michael Largo

In Your Hands
'The yellow smears on your windshield
are souls you've hurt without knowing.
The whistle through the window
is your suspicion of yourself.'

C.E. Chaffin

Dating in Dachau, 1988
'Laura’s fingers swept the charted triangles and jumped,
stung by those we would have worn.'

Deanna Madsen Fogel

Three Poems
'Now it's the real late 20th C and when
one says, with filliping smirk, "Eat Me"
one is not talking even post-millennial

Stephen Bett

Re: H
'H, J, K, L -- elements whose
atoms cling to one last proton.'

A.Y. Tanaka

'When the fire grows flames
the pane clouds
and my other country is folded away
under a wrapper of fog'

Robert Berry


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