Aug/Sep 1998

e c l e c t i c a   e d i t o r i a l s


Further Injustice: On the Persecution of an Eclectica Author
'Regardless of where one stands politically or morally with respect to issues of crime and punishment, the systematic persecution of Anthony Brown, the attempted deprivation of his basic civil and constitutional rights, and the continued misconduct of his captors should not— cannot— be tolerated by anyone who truly believes in the principles that our justice and correctional system, no matter how flawed, have been created to protect and uphold.'
Chris Lott

Mostly Abstract Musings on Truth and Other Stuff
'We're like children growing up in an alcoholic household. We're hungry for trust. We want to believe. We want the truth to be out there. But experience has made us too cynical to believe anything.'
Tom Dooley


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