e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


June/July 1998

Five Poems
'... But each time I've held up my hand to the rain
I think it's had everything to do with you ...'

Diane Wald

'... Seven years, fifteen million miles of earth. I wake up and wonder about my shoes. I want to find you in Kiev. ...'
Catherine Farid

writing like mad: DON'T GET
'... the less time you waste working
the more time you have to think up
a brilliant way out of this predicament ...'

Billy Little

Playing Hymns
'... He plays it right only on the third try ...'
Li Min Hua

Two Poems
'... You might as well have nothing
at all to do with the two lives which begged, "Take
care of me, define me," ...'

David Starkey

The Tehachapi Sheriff Buries His Native Wife Circa 1900
'... Do they see I could not wreck tools
In the frozen church yard, laboring for a grave? ...'

Curtis Harrell

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