Jun/Jul 1998

e c l e c t i c a
f i c t i o n


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Me & Jonah

The water is cold, cold enough to break the skin of the boat, the skin of me, oh, it's a little too much. We started days ago.

Fiction by Jeff Weston

Setting the Woods on Fire (Dancing with the Devil)

In 1958 my father killed ten people in the course of eleven days. They made movies about him. Oh, they wrote songs.

Fiction by Stanley Jenkins

The 11th Arrondissement

My watch might scratch along the surface as I fell, and the local authorities would find my body when the alarm began to beep around eight in the morning. The watch wouldn't be damaged.

Fiction by Judy Ossello

Temporary Finally

All my friends are becoming lesbians, is that a normal thing for forty year old women? Should I be feeling this? My husband makes fun of them.

Fiction by Katie Howenstine