May/June 1998

Tom Dooley co-edits Eclectica, teaches high school English, and coaches wrestling in Tucson, Arizona.

Chris Lott co-edits Eclectica, scans his junk mail for patterns, and works as an instructional technology specialist in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Robert Brady a native New Yorker, has lived in Japan for over 20 years, presently on a mountainside above Lake Biwa. Poet, writer and translator, he is poetry and contributing editor of the Kyoto Journal. He recommends that to fully appreciate the James Dean Parameters, read it aloud to yourself. Or even better, read it to a group.

Dail Bridges was born and raised in North Carolina and moved to Seattle, Washington in 1984, when she got a job with the National Marine Fisheries Service working on Japanese and Soviet fishing vessels in the Bering Sea and later in New Zealand. Dail has spent much of her adult life adventuring, working, and living around the world—locations include New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, and the Caribbean.

Anthony Lee Brown is currently serving a life sentence at the Spring Creek Correctional Facility.

Catherine Farid is 25 and lives in Texas. She has an electrical engineering degree but spend her time writing poems and novels.

Curtis Harrell is a native Southerner transplanted in southern California. He earned an MFA from the University of Arkansas in 1985. After graduation he supported himself by by various means, including managing an auto parts store, working for a time as a motorcycle mechanic, working construction in the SoCal building boom of the late 80's, and, on and off, through these other jobs, working as a tattoo artist. He currently teaches writing at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, CA, and at Bakersfield College in Bakersfield.

Katie Howenstine just finished organizing a radical youth conference for the San Francisco Bay Area called "Making Trouble" for the Democratic Socialists of America. She has never held down a job for longer then 7m months. Katie has purple hair and likes girl rockers.

Li Min Hua is 61 and the author of over 1,200 poems and essays. He is a professor at Rutgers University.

Stanley Jenkin's stories have or will appear in Amelia, 32 Pages, Eclectica, The Blue Moon Review, CrossConnect and the Oyster Boy Review. He lives and works in Queens, New York.

Russ Josephs is a writer/grad student/filmmaker, getting a Masters in creative writing at City College, New York, slaving in Kafkaesque office coffin, finishing up a novel/travelogue and shooting a low-low budget HI-8 film about modern love (and lack thereof).

Alan Kaufman's most recent book is Who Are We?, a collection of poems. His poetry appears in magazines & anthologies, including Identity Lessons: Learning American Style, ALOUD: Voices From The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Tikkun, Witness & Long Shot. He writes: With this particular rant I now emerge as the new Miss Lonely Hearts of the next millenium.

Marie Kazalia lives in San Francisco and has a BFA degree from California College of Arts and Crafts. She spent four expatriate years in Asia, living in Japan, India, & Hong Kong.

Harriet Klausner hasn't told us about herself, but she writes good reviews!

Mark Leeper publishes MT Void, a weekly science fiction newsletter as well as movie reviews all over the net.

Billy Little baka roshi, forbidden plateau fallen body dojo, nowhere, b.c., canada V0R1Z0 performer, editor, publisher, grandfather. the shadow nose the shadow rose the shadow stink

Don Mager has published some 250 original poems and translations from Czech and German over the last 30 years, including two books: To Track The Wounded On (1986) and Glosses (1995).

Chris Null is a writer and media critic based in Austin, Texas. He is a Contributing Editor for Film for Mike's Feedback an Austin, Texas monthly. In addition to writing, Null Set Productions (the film production company he began with his brother) produced its first offering in Fall 1996.

Judy OsselloAn exile from the Midwest, I currently write travel features for the HI-AYH website in Washington, DC where large tourist groups and young professionals conspire against reality. I spent a month travelling alone through Europe before I turned twenty-one. The 11th Arrondissement is based on my experiences in Paris. I regret not going to Marseille.

Scott Ruddick is an award-winning freelance magazine writer who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. When he isn't reading magazines as research for his In Print column, he writes for a variety of print and on-line publications.

Ann Skea is author of Ted Hughes: The Poetic Quest (UNE Press, Australia).

David Starkey teaches creative writing at North Central College and is the editor of Teaching Writing Creatively and co-editor of Smokestacks and Skyscrapers: An Anthology of Chicago Literature. My poetry has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Flyway, Folio, Massachusetts Review, Mid-American Review, The Nebraska Review, New Orleans Review, Oxford Magazine, Santa Barbara Review, Sonora Review, Sycamore Review, Writers' Forum, and others. In addition, I have published several collections of poems with small presses: Koan Americana, Adventures of The Minor Poet, A Year with Gayle and, most recently, Open Mike Night at the Cabaret Voltaire.

Jeff Weston lived first in a small forgotten New England town by the sea. Finding social interaction too taxing, he spent long hours in an imaginary stupor wandering ideally foggy marshes. Naturally, this led to schooling in the arts, and finally to aimless travel. After living in Boston and Chicago, he settled in New York, where he works in the dusty confines of Gotham Book Mart with other cranks and several cats.