The Stalking Horse

Miriam Grace Manfredo
Berkley, 1998. 352pp
ISBN: 0-425-15783-0

review by Harriet Klausner

Glynis Tryon's niece Bromwen is just like her aunt. Both are independent thinkers, who ignore society's dictates on the proper behavior and occupations for women. Bronwen becomes a Pinkerton agent because she wants to chase down criminals and bring them to justice.

Lincoln has just been elected president and is traveling to the capital for the inauguration. At the same time, Bromwen goes to Alabama, a state that just succeeded form the union, on assignment. She is accompanied by a client, who wants to know how safe his investments in the Deep South is. While in Montgomery, Bromwen overhears a group of fanatical Southern separatists planning to cut off DC from the North and assassinating a pivotal figure. Bromwen must get her information back to the North even as the enemy tries to kill her.

Miriam Grace Monfredo's latest "Tyron" historical mystery spotlights her niece rather than the more famous aunt. This freshens the series while allowing the reader to feel and visualize the moods of the nation as it prepares for the Civil War. The background scenes of Lincoln's presidential ascendancy comes out of the pages of the history books and adds a genuine wallop to a tremendous thriller.

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