Dianne Pugh
Pocket, 1998. 352pp
ISBN: 0-671-01424-2

review by Harriet Klausner

In the Los Angeles area, Bridget and Kip Cross have turned their family computer business, Pandora Software, into a huge success. However, as their company grows and goes public, their marriage begins to crumble. Not long after the stock went public, Bridget is murdered and Kip is the prime suspect.

Investment counselor Iris Thorne was a close friend of Bridget and Kip. In spite of the seemingly insurmountable evidence, Iris finds it difficult to believe Kip murdered his spouse. Still, her deceased friend's will names her as the fiscal guardian of the couple's little girl, who inherited her mother's stock. Though she cannot remember, the little girl witnessed the murder of her mother. Iris knows that it is up to her to protect the little girl from a cold blooded killer, who may target a five year old child as his next victim.

The fourth Thorne mystery, Foolproof is filled with interesting characters, especially Iris (whom readers will love) and five years old Brianna (whom the audience will adopt). Although the story line is riddled with too many plot gimmicks and devices that ultimately cause reader attention to diminish a bit,this still remains a fun and enjoyable reading experience.

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