Brunswick Gardens

Anne Perry
Fawcett, 1998. 400pp
ISBN: 0-449-90845-3

review by Harriet Klausner

In 1891, Thomas Pitt has been named Commander of London's Bow Street Police Station. His current investigation involves the suspicious death of Unity Bellwood, a pregnant woman, who died from a fall down a set of stairs. Though most people, including the renowned Vicar Ramsay Parmenter, insist this was an unfortunate accident, Thomas thinks a murder has occurred.

Thomas decides that there is enough cause to continue the investigation even though pressure for a fast solution is immense. He begins to uncover secrets about Ramsay, the man's alienated son, and the curator that makes both of them look like possible suspects. His spouse Charlotte, attending social functions, provides Thomas with additional data. However, before he can reach a substantiated conclusion, a second murder occurs. This forces Thomas to expedite the investigation before anyone else is killed.

The eighteenth Thomas Pitt, late Victorian mystery is a fascinating novel that will be thoroughly enjoyed by fans of the series as well most historical fiction readers. Thomas remains an interesting character and the insight provided about his spouse and their relationship immensely adds to the reading pleasure. Though Anne Perry's story line is not quite at the level of some its predecessors, Brunswick Gardens remains a great book.

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