e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y

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"...And you romanticize the Welsh
and you patronise the Welsh..."

Graham Coleman

The Calming of Cuchulain
"...In his eyes pinked the women’s morning’s nakedness like flares,
The fathers of Macha knowing a rueful glance or mistaken fart
could turn that prize boyo on them brimmed more full of killing..."

Philip Havey

The Moving and the Stillness
"...I had vomited what Buddy choked to death on.
But I knew it was the still places
that took him, and the stillness
that killed him ..."

Clinton Neuhaus

Krenek Sestinas
Elegaic sestinas for Ernst Krenek"
Don Mager

"...Meanwhile, the big power yachts
sit idle dockside
burning off gasoline..."

Charles Albano

A Heretic Has Problems Too
"...My wife is weeping
in the next room and calls
for a flight to anywhere,
careful not to give her real name. ..."

Amy Crane Johnson

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