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One Must Wait

Penny Micklebury
Simon & Schuster, 1998. 252pp
ISBN: 0-684-83741-2

review by Harriet Klausner

Carol and Alain Gibson are a black yuppie couple rising fast in their respective DC law firms. However, both are struggling with their conscience as Carol successfully defends guilty white collar criminals and Alain finds loopholes in environmental laws that benefit the avaricious needs of his clients at the cost of the public. Alain abruptly quits his firm over the latest shady deal. However, a few days later, Alain is found dead, murdered on a DC street.

A distraught Carol wants to know what happened to her beloved spouse. The police feel it is another random mugging that went bad. However, a persistent law enforcement official disagrees with the brass and is soon paralyzed by a gunshot. Carol decides to investigate what really happened to her spouse. She starts with that last client, Parish Petroleum, and begins to uncover massive environmental destruction that impacts the poor Louisiana blacks.

One must be patient with One Must Wait because the novel starts very slow, but once it clears that first incline, it becomes a runaway roller coaster ride that will thrill all fans of who-done-its. Carol is a great character, refusing to quit until she learns why her husband was murdered, even as she internally struggles with her wealth and position while observing her starving sisters. The fast-paced story line cleverly blends environment and race into a plausible scenario. Readers will want more works like this one from Penny Micklebury, who looks like she has the stuff to be a superstar.

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