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Judging Time

Leslie Glass
Dutton, 1998. 400pp
ISBN: 0525944044

review by Harriet Klausner

Chinese-American police officer April Woo is assigned to investigate a double murder that occurred near the Liberty restaurant. Also assigned to the case is her boyfriend Detective Mike Sanchez. The chief suspect is a former football star, Rick Liberty, whose spouse Merrill and his best friend Tor Peterson are the victims.

The evidence proves that the motive, opportunity, and means were all available to Rick. This makes everyone in the police department and the media believe that Rick did the crime during a jealous rage. That is everyone except April, who has to overcome her own peers and boss, the medical examiner's office, and her personal distrust of Mike to prove that the former football star is innocent. However, if Rick did not do it, the culprit had the opportunity to set it up so it seemed as if he did.

The novel is a great mystery that provides interesting insight into the Chinese-American culture and, to a lesser degree, the Hispanic-American culture. Fans of this series will especially enjoy Judging Time because it is clearly the best novel to date. The relationship (and often times non-relationship) between the protagonists has taken quantum leaps forward that will elate the reader. Leslie Glass, a superstar in the making, continues to climb the ladder towards the top run of the ethnic-mystery novels.

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