how it tasted

by katrina grace craig

or how it tasted the first time i was
taken, how i was walking back from the
bathroom and the next thing i knew i was
on my back and i was on my bed and i was
out of my clothes and he was on me and he was
in me and i wanted him off and my head was whipping
no no no and every single muscle in my being
fucked body was tense and clenching trying to turn
to stone and trying to force him out and force me
elsewhere and i mean every muscle even my cunt
muscle and in retrospect that probably made everything
even better for him but all it did for me was
make me walk around sore and sore and
sorer for three days limping and stepping gingerly
like an old lady and i couldn't even carry my books
and he didn't offer

it tasted of filled milk cuz we didn't have the fresh kind
out there just thin watery stuff reconstituted
with coconut oil and it tasted of chicken marinated
in hawaiian punch and fingers dipped in honey and then
jello gelatin raw before you dissolve it and make it jiggle
and it smelled of plumeria and rain on cracked asphalt
and it sounded like the bells at the voctech across the street
ringing to let the motorheads out of class
and it tasted like copper and it tasted like spit and
it tasted like little bits of teeth chipped off
and it smelled of chlorine and coppertone

and it sounded like no no no

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