Apr/May 2024

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors Except When They Don't

Does it help to know "Anti-Semite" was a word coined by anti-Semites in the 19th century specifically to racialize Jews no matter where they lived or what language they spoke? Is it any wonder the word can now be manipulated to mean anything the speaker wants it to mean, just as "Aryan" can mean anything from a language group to member of a small minority of northern Europeans and their descendants abroad?

Thomas J. Hubschman

Public Opinion, or How to Run a Crazy House

When I was briefly in the Air Force ROTC, our instructor, a former bombardier in one of the B-17s and -25s that rained death on the cities of Germany, told us he shook so badly when he was siting the target below, he could barely see. Another veteran who also flew in those raids on Hamburg and other cities largely populated by, as we like to say, "innocent civilians," said he kept imagining the young children in the buildings below clinging to their mothers as the bombs began to explode nearer and nearer, crying, "Mutti! Mutti!"

Thomas J. Hubschman

Holding the Tiger by the Tail

I was occasionally confronted on playgrounds when I was the only Asian kid by the taunt "ching chong chinaman." Fwiw, it wasn't just white kids doing it. My cousins and I never repeated that one. I don't remember feeling fear or anger about it. It was mostly frustration. I just wanted to be another kid on the playground.

Marko Fong