Apr/May 2024

e c l e c t i c a
h u m o r  &  s a t i r e

Humor and Satire

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The doctor can't think of anything else to do but stare at you like you're a madwoman. No snappy one-liners? No sarcastic comment about hoarding or the price of formaldehyde these days? You decide he isn't a very creative doctor and consider whether or not he's the right man for the job. Before he can speak, you interject, "I know I sound crazy. I also know the rules. It's coming home with me. All of it."

Melissa Matury

Dance Floor Rapture

One of the groomsmen was doing the running-man on the dance floor when he lurched into the ice sculpture, which shattered as it came down on top of him. An ice shard stabbed him in the pupil; within a minute his eye swelled shut. The music stopped and a scrum of attendees gathered, shouting their treatment suggestions over each other, until the long-haired guy floated into the circle and knelt next to the groomsman.

Eric Rasmussen