Jul/Aug 2023

e c l e c t i c a
n o n f i c t i o n



The privacy of my parents' bedroom had been sacrosanct since my earliest memories. They went so far as to post a sign: No One Under 21 Admitted. My father was gone 15 years and I was closing in on three times 21 when I breached that doorway with a can of Comet and bottle of Windex.

Ellen Notbohm

Write Aide: the Shock-Proof Shit Detector

Considering its popularity, The Elements of Style did indeed deliver many drowning scriveners to dry ground. White concluded, "Longer, lower textbooks are in use nowadays, I daresay—books with upswept tail fins and automatic verbs." But he insisted that none "come to the point as quickly and illuminate it as amusingly."

David Comfort


The Zutons version is downtempo indie rock and Winehouse's version is a hot R&B version, the irrepressible Winehouse version of R&B. That in and of itself signals something. The song is sexier. This incongruence was felt in the recording of the song. Mark Ronson, Winehouse's longtime close collaborator, first heard The Zutons original approximately five minutes before he and Winehouse started recording the cover. He wasn't quite sold on the song, but he knew that he wanted Winehouse on the album, and she had a vision.

Hallel Yadin