Vol. 27, No. 1
January/February 2023

s p o t l i g h t   o n . . .
The poetry of Jordan Ranft
f r o m   t h e   e d i t o r s
Evan Martin Richards, Stuart Ross, Marko Fong, and Tom Dooley discuss this issue
t h e   s a l o n
essays by Thomas J. Hubschman and Marko Fong
f i c t i o n
Stories by John Gu, Reem Hazboun Taşyakan, Oline Eaton, Will Richter, Kelly Piggott, and Robert Klose
p o e t r y
Poems by Jill Bossert, Holly Day, Indu Parvathi, Madronna Holden, Kivleen Sahni, Joyce Brinkman, Sarah Blackmon, Margaret Marcum, Erin Jamieson, and Bob Bradshaw
n o n f i c t i o n
Prose by Mary Zelinka, Andrew Tibbetts, Judith Day, and Gregg Maxwell Parker
i n t e r  /  r e v i e w s
reviews by Courtney Ludwick, Vincent Francone, and Ann Skea
Reviews & Interviews