Oct/Nov 2022  •   Poetry  •   Special Feature

vermont poem (pluviophile)

by Nicholas Barnes

Organic mixed media artwork by Kay Sexton

Organic mixed media artwork by Kay Sexton

vermont poem (pluviophile)

a birthday in guilford

july eighteen, '22

i turned a quarter century
around eight a.m.

it was a monsoon

a warm little

out of control

hurrah for this

this hang left, hang right,
sideways slanting precipitation

good company
went up ahead

running up the
slick green mountain

i followed with a pace to match

and soon i was a spectacle
for all of new england to see

and all it cost me was a pair
of miserably drenched skivvies

i thanked
the alien clouds
for granting my candled wish

happy day to me