Apr/May 2022

e c l e c t i c a
p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems

Poems containing the words funny, half, player, and way.

Five Qasidas of Loneliness
(Spotlight Runner-Up!)

morning's moon hangs low & shrugs the clouds aside & nothing
you clasp in loving arms endures... it's time you learn

David Jalajel

Which Half

At the beach, skin peeling
like potatoes going in with the roast

Claire Scott

Two Poems

the logic is clear our position relies
too much on the existence of angels

Darren Demaree

Dorothy Exits Her Hollywood

I have never had much
faith in you. This time I'm leaving it up to the aurora borealis I'll fly over
to get to you.

Donna Dallas

So Many of Us

The wildcats' hunger consumed my day and filled my night.
Their screams I thought were the screams of he and I
driven crazy by the permanence they suffered.

John Riley

Sometimes I think the Worst

I ask about his day at school
and the great horned owl settles in the back
of my throat, waiting patiently for its prey

Peter Grandbois