Apr/May 2022

e c l e c t i c a
m i s c e l l a n y


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Digital Jesus & the Global Ponzi Schemes

I have commodified and been commodified. I like to be liked, follow to be followed, comment to be commented on. I share and document all, without which I do not exist in the collective conscious. To not share is to betray my "self," to not publicize is to betray the universal mind. The universal mind connects all minds and must be given access. The universal mind must continue to grow, connecting newly born minds in the service of growth. Growth is all. Without growth there is no redemption, no aspiration. Without growth, we cease to have worth. Increasing value and return of capital is the truth. Your attention is capital. Listen.

James Flanagan


You, thing: you are an unregulated polymer, an oversized home appliance, a hair dryer plucked from a Selectric typewriter, yet somehow surviving outside the box

Margaret Holmes