Apr/May 2022  •   Miscellany

Digital Jesus & the Global Ponzi Schemes

by James Flanagan

Upcycled, mixed media artwork by Keely Jane

Upcycled, mixed media artwork by Keely Jane

Born with a smartphone in hand, I know no other reality but multiple realties. I can distinguish between the physical and the digital, the self and the avatar, the truth and the fantasy. There are a million versions of me, each serving a purpose. I understand others intention, recognize their needs, the nuance of their behavior as communication. I love. And I forgive. Knowledge and information flood me with compassion and empathy. I am the embodiment of the maturation of the human race as we grow together, learning from each other.

I know the lessons of the ego. I am no longer attached. I am free.

Capture and share your life, thoughts and feeling across the collective digital consciousness. Seek one-ness with the mother ship. The blissful state. The spiritual epiphany. The love of the loved, naked and famous. We are the online global synaptic brain at once the other and the self. We are on a journey together amidst all the squabbling, tribalism, rage, and disgust. This is spiritual evolution through the most aggressive form of individualism the world has known. The ultimate peak of self-interest is now. Arriving before the simultaneous death of 7 billion egos that will launch us into Nirvana, when we wake up from our self-serving ignorance to save the world.

Love me. Love me unconditionally. Adore me. Be like me. Go tell the world about me. About my journey, suffering and redemption. My story will be told. I will receive infinite riches, and I will tell you how it feels to be bathed in wealth. I am you, you are me. Live through me.

I have commodified and been commodified. I like to be liked, follow to be followed, comment to be commented on. I share and document all, without which I do not exist in the collective conscious. To not share is to betray my "self," to not publicize is to betray the universal mind. The universal mind connects all minds and must be given access. The universal mind must continue to grow, connecting newly born minds in the service of growth. Growth is all. Without growth there is no redemption, no aspiration. Without growth, we cease to have worth. Increasing value and return of capital is the truth. Your attention is capital. Listen.

I curate, present, manage, and create content—streaming and flowing into the ocean of code and data. I subjugate nature, relationships, and feelings to capital: social, economic, and cultural. I must service the network through interaction and revelation. These are the transactions of the universal mind. All transactions seek unconditional love and capital gain through engagement with the collective. Transactions have value and generate value. Give love, and you will receive love. Tread lightly. Always wear the crown.

Distraction is the route to enlightenment. Take yourself out of "the" moment and exist always in "your" moment. It is your journey. Never forget this. Your journey can be others' journey if you share. Always share. The journey to a higher state may cause you anxiety and distress. This is normal. Do not be afraid. Submit. You have already submitted. This is the way and the way it has always been, as we are all now born, connected. You may question or hurt yourself, feel lonely, isolated, rejected, or misunderstood. You may feel insecure, unsatisfied, un-satiated, agitated, and you may struggle to sleep. You may humiliate yourself, emotionally or physically, debasing yourself in the pursuit of the higher goal. Feelings of compulsion, addiction, and reward should be integrated. This is now the way to live. You may experience feelings of alienation. You may become filled with hate and rage, joining others in slander and insult. There are tools available to you to mitigate and numb these feelings. Take these tools and use them. These feelings must be subjugated to capital through transaction. This is the way. If you are failing, or your aspirations to profundity fail or elicit little response, then share pictures of your children playing or cute animals doing silly things. You will remember. If you have pain or suffering, share this and use it to your advantage. Others will be compelled to praise you for fear of not being praised themselves.

If you are succeeding, you will enter the next phase of your journey and the elevation to the higher place. You will receive more love than you have to give. You will move beyond the love of mere friends and family to the next level, to loose acquaintances and then on to "total strangers." The love of strangers will enable you to enter the esteemed arrangement. Your image will become stronger than your physical reality; you will be in holy subjugation to the image and the spectacle. The move to conditional universal acceptance will commence. The digital womb will be closer. You will no longer need the love, gaze, and pride of your parents.

You will no longer need to give praise to others, for they will rightfully praise you.

Your unique and special nature will begin to manifest and actualize. You will be able to share the details of your struggle, your journey, and the suffering you endured along the way with others, as if it were unique. They will pay homage and respect to your trials and tribulations suffered as you climbed the mountain to the higher place. Others will seek to be like you and share your image with others. They will recommend and endorse you. Value will be conferred upon you, and others with value with align themselves to you. Your insights will be superior and more valuable than the insights of those in the lower levels. You will think about only you, you will talk to or about others only in relation to yourself.

Naturally stimulated chemicals and hormones as well as financial benefits will enable you to consolidate your position with self-belief and certainty about this newest and higher version of you. As you metamorphose, you will fully leave behind the transactions of mutual benefit to sole benefit. Sole benefit will allow you to facilitate the journey of the others to the next level, but only for your benefit. The flow of value will be your currency alone. You will be a non-fungible token, unique.

Your position will be entrenched as that which others aspire to—but be aware your position will be maintained only for as long as the will of the universal mind has faith in your image. You will live only in accordance with the rules of the image you have created. Deviation may lead to the path of the "falling back" to the lower levels, trading interactions and transactions in ever decreasing value. As others leave your circle, others will lose faith,. The will of the collective mind is strong and connected. To avoid this fate, you must always appeal to the emotional responses of your followers. The rules of the collective mind are fluid and adaptable. The mood and whim of the collective mind is not under your control. You must act in accordance with the spectacle and image they need from you. If necessary, act philanthropically, altruistically, and identify with charitable causes flattering to your image. Praise your image rightfully.

If you succeed, your world will be a reflection of you and you alone. Everywhere you look, you will see you. In the eyes of others, you will see you—for as long as your image holds value in the collective mind. You will be saved.