Jul/Aug 2021

e c l e c t i c a
p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems

Poems containing the words gnaw, let, house, and same.

Within a Dream

A vicious
wind heaved those chairs and tables
to the heavens

Charlie Brice

The gardener

The marigold leavens
like a pumped-up dough, happiness
rippling its brilliant yellows

Rituparna Sahoo

Ode to the Basket That Holds Odd Things

Sometimes I empty
you, lay out tokens, deposited
as a gypsy might a fortune deck

Judy Kaber

The Magnolia

"It's spring,"
I offer, and gesture toward the tree stirring
between what it has lost and what will show.

Pete Mackey

In a Dream My Mother Knocks at the Door

the mother of my adolescence, of
Sisterhood is Powerful
and Our Bodies Ourselves

Erica Goss

What You Are and What Is Yours
(Spotlight Runner-Up!)

The five-month winter
will be to him as the monsoon
was to his father's father.

Haresh Bhojwani