Oct/Nov 2020 Poetry Special Feature


by Ursula Troche


I checked out too early
at this old hostel by the sea
I had come here, to the edge
just to write, walk and be free

following the stars at night
I wandered, keeping the lights
of town in sight, and mind
for the morning, to remember

I'd love to live here one day
It's a great location on a map
such a small and hidden nest
amid ruins, randomly placed

of forgotten factories, it's
hard, but I like to find out
what happened, what has
taken place, and how

it's a place without illusions
but this is where I want to be
join a small community
and sing against the tide

and grow tomatoes against
climate change, correspond
with our continents, let's
talk, write wild and be free

you can't buy dreams like this
at the checkout in the super
market, that's a superlative
too ordinary and too far.


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