Jul/Aug 2020  •   Poetry

Three Japanese Forms

by Gerald Sarnat

Before Maybe Merrier Month of May haiku

No way April fool,
I live in library stacks,
protect our circle.

We pointy-headed
intellectuals, put down
books, take up shotguns

'til biphasic peak
ping pongs south to Brazil's
cold eco-system.


FLA Kouta in Honor of Governor DeSantis, Who Ignores Both Climate Change and COVID

Laundry room stocked like Fort Dade.
Fish have swum in streets.
This virus has no remorse.
The Sunshine State's fucked.


COVID New Reality

Grandchild lives few min
away as crow flies, but could
just as well be in

Israel where Savta*
also watches him learn to
walk and talk on screens.

(*Grandmother in Hebrew)