Jan/Feb 2020 Poetry

It Is Whatever Myth

by Russell Rowland

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It Is Whatever Myth

It is whatever time
snow entices the mundane,
and earth's gentle contours
receive its advances—while
spurning more ardent offers.

It is whatever place
was rough: drifts make it plain.
Each landmark disappears
with a Cheshire Kitty smile.
Trails go nowhere awhile.

It is whatever mood
the scene is apt to leave
with you—a little boy
seven decades or more ago:
You Flexible Flier, you.

It is whatever memory.
Dad lay atop the sled,
you lay atop of Dad,
down your trinity sped—
Newington: Indian Hill.

It is whatever myth
memory may become.
You eluded the barbed wire,
leaped the thawing brook,
returned to a happy home.


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