Oct/Nov 2019 Poetry

Two Poems

by Patrice Claeys

Image courtesy of The British Library photostream

Hard Energy

The sea cries with its meaningless voice.
It flies through itself like light. It sails
into broken syllables of want
like a woman looking backward.

And it is large. And it grows larger—
a force determined
washing over the world.

I'm reminded of
hard energy, like the stars.

Cento Sources: Ted Hughes, Michael Ryan, Courtney Hitson, Naomi Shihab Nye, Stephen Dobyns, Robin Shectman, R. T. Smith, Christopher Presfield, Thom Gunn


As if Language Resisted Death

I keep looking around me
for what isn't there. Yet somewhere
the pulse of a phrase
does not vanish.

I believe in the soul, so far,
behind the foaming flesh.

Like all things, the secrets reorder the order of our language.

Cento Sources: Philippe Jaccottet, Mary Oliver, Liz Beasley, Helen Degen Cohen, Gary Soto, Charles Simic, Wendy Barker, Jessamyn Birrer


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