Jul/Aug 2019

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words arm, patch, center, and strike.


First unbraid, then brush, then comb
Pull tug, tug kink, pull tug kink
Gretchel Hathaway


The other side of rain
We put them on the back floor
of the carpeted earth,
and waited for them to open
in the new world.
Richard Weaver


Spare Time, Spare Change
this once grandpa-nanny
then more recently dissed geriatric
barista now hopes to become owner
Gerard Sarnat


The perfect act outside of Brady's Tavern
Build a sanctuary beneath it.
Hold here a coronation.
Mark the forehead with chrism
under the liquid vault.
Patrick T. Reardon


Toward Your Father
You will recognize their street because the smell of it will remind you
of long Sabbath afternoons, pushing his large leather wheelchair back
from synagogue.
Yael Herzog


The journey today
is from bed to desk and back.
LeeAnn Pickrell


My Grandmother's Apartment (Spotlight Runner-Up!)
I loved to spend the night in the bedroom
with carved pineapples topping
the high post twin beds
Mary McGuire


Lake Elmore, October First (three studies)
More happens here, like the basement day-care
center, chorused with children, always cluttered,
doing a better business than the church.
Scudder Parker


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