Jan/Feb 2019 Poetry Special Feature


by Mala Rai

Image salvaged from public domain


my grandma was always looking for a sweet deal
so she purchased 2-for-1 cemetary plots
problem is they never gave refunds
nor could you lease to a future occupant
if you wanted to worm your way out

she was a new canadian
but not so canadian
to put our dead in the ground
we hold hindu funeral pujas
raiding the aisles of little india for
          ganges water
          rose water
then flame sear our sadness
or inheritance envy
through triangle flickers

of the earthly burden on my vision board
there's less fuss
before we die, my loves
let's knit our own shrouds
so long as they take our bone frag and ash
pin us to a google galaxy map
so we find our way back to each other
in the hereafter


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