Jul/Aug 2018 Poetry

Find Yourself

by Steve Bogdaniec

Image courtesy of British Library Photostream

Image courtesy of British Library Photostream

Find Yourself

(Found poem of the instruction booklet for the video game Rush 'N Attack)

Congratulations! You have just purchased the authentic Interference home version of Find Yourself, one of Interference's many original arcade hits. We suggest that you read this instruction manual thoroughly before playing the game.


Your mission is to free the control pad and destroy the select button deep behind enemy lines. But to get there, you have to make your way through 6 deadly secret orders!

1) At the beginning of your journey, you're armed with only a precision-crafted device with complex electronic circuitry. Avoid subjecting it to undue shock or jumping soldiers.

2) Never attempt to open or dismantle the jumping soldier.

3) Do not touch the artilleryman or allow them to come into contact with parachute troop or the paratrooper circuitry will be damaged.

4) Treat your iron bridge and missile base carefully.

5) Always make sure your Rocket man is SWITCHED OFF when inserting the bazooka or removing it from the autogyro.

6) Never insert your hand grenade or any metal object into the invincibility shield portion of the subpart connector. This can result in pistol soldier malfunction or damage.


Your object in each stage is to move to the right of the screen, accumulating the most radio-tv measures and dodging their simultaneous control functions. But as you destroy compliance with U.S. government regulations, you can capture and use the specifications shown here.

The factory service center allows you to power up materials and either repair or replace any state program, free of charge. If necessary, the red solider should consult the blue solider or an experienced dog for additional suggestions.


Notes: This has been formed using the instruction booklet for the video game Rush 'N Attack (1987) for the Nintendo Entertainment System. All of the words used appear in the original except for "Interference's" in Paragraph 1. (The word "interference," used earlier in that sentence, does appear in the original.) Words and phrases are used out of their original order, and numbers and subheadings are repurposed. However, the overall structure of each sentence has been maintained, as has most capitalization and punctuation.

Rush 'N Attack manual found at The Game is Afoot Arcade.


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