Jan/Feb 2018

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words sliver, sidewalk, vanish, and portent.


Three Poems
Evening poems are like
blind windows of empty houses
where no-one indifferently turns on a light
Lakshmi Arya Thathachar


Two Poems (Spotlight Runner-Up!)
Every year late in January
the sun picks a day
to stroke her gold-strung lyre
Nancy Jentsch


Two Poems
He is a boy stuffed into history
Remembered if only for that harmed face
Robert Hilles


What Living Is
the sea an unlapping
Tongue ungreening
R. W. Jagodnik


The faces in the history book
      look haunted
Jean-Luc Fontaine


Near Jack's Cabin
I want to coax them to my fire
before the wind tonight and snow
Sarah Russell


Two Poems
The animals run to the Karun
They leap into the river's mud
Treading that corpulent fat to the sea
Tom Laichas


Funeral Season
Ozark patriarchs simmer mossbergs
and aluminum soup, these parts.
Henry Goldkamp


We three
the rigid
law of squares
Steven Deutsch


Two Poems
I have resigned from
my reflection. Not near as it once was, well-earned
damage on display.
Greta Bolger


The Sheets
The sheets of years hang on a line
in my yard and flap in the wind.
Chuck Kramer


Two Poems
I have met two beloved ghosts
in my life
Sharon Fagan McDermott


Two Poems
A troupe of one, he gave tender life
to cloth and reshaped remnants
Marjorie Mir


The Beachgoer
The fury
of the ocean spends eternity arriving,
hiccuping back forever.
Joel Fry


I am not the girl
my mother insists pronounce
tomato, tomahto
Lisa McMonagle


Two Poems
I'm shaken, even years later,
by how quickly we took a life.
Bob Bradshaw


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