Jul/Aug 2017

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words gallery, siren, ribbon, and uniform.


Three Poems
The laughing daughter runs around
my lattice spine, scattering joy like so
many seeds
Robert Okaji


Two Poems
I mean, I never stop thinking,
mind like a daylong blaring waiting room TV
Michael Milburn


Two Poems
the air hangs over indolent, flowering grass
& mosses don an orange hue, so i get the gist
of your twilight distractions
David Jalajel


Anna Pavlova
Feathers in the air. White feathers
in the choreographer's mouth.
Richard Weaver


Three Poems
It might be a trick from the moon's
Library of incantations
Seth Jani


Visiting Day
Today, it's just the two of us—
as gangly and awkward
as the children we once were
Steven Deutsch


Once Upon a Time
We made potions from crab grass
and dirt, smashed jacaranda
petals for seasoning.
Ruth Kogen Goodwin


Two Poems
the smell of the sun in clothes
brought in in armfuls before the night seeps through them
is the smell of home
Lakshmi Arya Thathachar


Love Is a Burnin' Thing
You won't even let my apology
settle like grit beneath
your fingernails
Maddie Woda


What's more elusive, confidence or faith?
Abandon one for the other, then
do the math.
Billy McEntee


Anxious in AZ
waiting for my careless symbolic tower to grow
rebirth reconstructed
recollecting youth's dumb green fields
Steve Bogdaniec


Watching The Starlings
This bird chatter
makes silence the way silence
makes a distant car horn.
Joel Fry


Disorder Enters Grade 4B
How easily, just here, a gesture,
a word could reshape memory
and did not.
Marjorie Mir


August Lost
Why can't desire see the end
and be done with it
Deborah Allbritain


Two Poems
Even today, as an adult, I fear
being diminished in your eyes.
Bob Bradshaw


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