Jul/Aug 2017 Poetry

Anxious in AZ

by Steve Bogdaniec

Image courtesy of the British Library Photostream

Anxious in AZ

Found/Erasure of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's "I Am Waiting"

I am waiting anxiously for Alice
to come back to Arizona again
to lie down together again
waiting to embrace
for the live arms to shake rapture
waiting for my careless symbolic tower to grow
rebirth reconstructed
recollecting youth's dumb green fields
really discover the wonder of her total dream
safe indelible happiness spread
set sail fly right for the lost continent
straighten up in the right channel
wail in wonder sweep thru storms
perpetually and forever
find each other perpetually animals perpetually again
waiting for the lost music of lovers to sound again
I am I am waiting I am I am perpetually I am waiting
I am I am I AM

I am waiting for the blessed divide to be crossed
for the discovery to be over
lovers and weepers withering away
final wonder strange rebirth served
killing all anxiety at last


Notes: This used words from the original poem, arranged in a different order. Not all of the words from the original were used. No words were added. This uses a version of the poem found on Poetry Foundation.


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